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National Problem !

This poem has been forwarded to me by Brig. (Retd) Gangadharan. It was composed by Col. (Retd) J J Smith, who is from the Bihar Regiment. He is a Sena Medal decorated officer who lost a leg in IPKF operations. … Continue reading

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Kashmir in Game Theory – Article in BS.

I give below a link to an outstanding article written by TCA Srinivasa Raghavan in the Business Standard. In private, many of us talk about this. Publicly, this has now been stated. Perhaps this should have been said two decades … Continue reading

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Success – Dos and Donts II

I listed the elements that go into “Success” in yesterday’s post with the proviso that I shall elaborate today and I do so now. PLAN while others are playing It is simply amazing that this simple rule is hardly on … Continue reading

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Shortcuts to success.

A friend who read my blog on success and failure has sent this to me with his compliments. Apparently, this has been doing the rounds as a forwarded email to many people. It has not been possible to find the … Continue reading

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Half a century!

I just realized that I have posted 51 blogs since I started on June 8, 2008. When I started the blog, I set out to post a blog every day and by and large have been able to maintain that … Continue reading

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Happiness, Contentment, Simplicity and Wisdom.

“Wisdom is the reward for listening over a lifetime.” This is a story that needs to be shared to illustrate how ordinary people achieve extraordinary things and lead happy lives without having to compromise on basic values. Anna, a fairly … Continue reading

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Effective Communication.

I reproduce a heartwarming story that I received today in a forward. Unfortunately the author’s name is not available but the story is worth sharing with as many people as possible for its message. It does not take a great … Continue reading

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Success and Failure.

If you see the exchange of comments on my last post, you would see the thrust of my argument that what needs to be done is to use the word ‘success’ in a particular context. Let us see the above … Continue reading

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I had expressed my bewilderment with the very casual use of the word “love” in an earlier post. I had asked, in all seriousness, how a man can say, “ I love my wife” and after five minutes say “I … Continue reading

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Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

During a particularly intense group discussion on modern marriages, one participant from the group of senior citizens that meets every evening at our joggers’ park, offered the comment that most problems that married people were going through now a days, … Continue reading

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