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A Sales Representative’s Dilemma. – Conclusion.

My readers will recall my earlier post about my young friend and the marital problems that he was facing. To refresh your memory, you may wish to visit the post again. The advise that I had given to him followed … Continue reading

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FeedBurner update.

I have been successful in shifting the FeefBurner box to the top of the right panel to make it more accessible to those who wish to subscribe to my RSS feed. Please feel free to use it.

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RSS Feed for my blog

A couple of my regular readers had asked for my posts to be made accessible by email to them. I have great pleasure in advising that the RSS feed through FeedBurner has now been activated on my blog. The button … Continue reading

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Unexpected Side Effects Of Terrorism.

There is an interesting if somewhat bizarre news today related to terrorism in India. A Police Inspector attached to our State’s SID, (State Intelligence Department) has been suspended from service and an departmental enquiry has been set in motion. He … Continue reading

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Terrorism in India

To understand terrorism in India, we need to look at some historical facts and their impact on current Indian attitudes. When it became obvious that India will win independence from British rule, Pakistan came into existence with the idea of … Continue reading

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Introduction to a post on Terrorism in India

I have now finished my magnum opus on terrorism in India. It was challenging indeed to keep within a reasonable length but despite much editing, I have not been able to make it less than about 2000 words! The post … Continue reading

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Jean has asked a very challenging question on Indian terrorism and I am sure that a lot of others may also want to know more about it. Instead of pontificating about the matter, I have accepted the challenge and have … Continue reading

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Misery Never Comes Singly and Misfortune Loves Company

These two adages keep coming true in my life at regular intervals. When I share them with my friends, they too confirm that it holds true for them too. In my case some other adages also happen simultaneously. Let me … Continue reading

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Advantage Of Being In Debt.

Readers will remember my posts about my friend’s problems with his credit card. A reader impressed by the posts, sent me the following story by email. Ramesh and Sumathi were on a cruise holliday to celebrate their ten years of … Continue reading

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Bihar, My Bihar!

I am a Bihari by qualification. By that, what I mean as an unusual definition is that my educational qualification at graduate level is from Bihar. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from the Bhagalpur University, Bihar, which then … Continue reading

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