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Initial Impression.

I was exposed to a most peculiar experience today, and I want to share it with all my readers. Perhaps some others have had similar experiences too. As I have written earlier, I go for a 3.6 Km walk every … Continue reading

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Values Learned From Parents.

By accident, I landed up at an unusual site while surfing earlier today and came across a very nice guest post by one Ms. Shana Albert. What Ms. Albert is talking about is the social media but the contents of … Continue reading

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An Inspiring Story.

I subscribe to a site that sends inspiring stories, quotes etc. I received the following story today which needs to be shared with all my readers and also those of my friends who do not read my blog but await … Continue reading

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Maintaining A Library.

Post retirement, my one indulgence is reading. I am a prodigious reader and buy books all the time. Every time I come across a reference to some book in something that I read, even some comment or a post in … Continue reading

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India Launches Unmanned Orbiter to Moon

On Wednesday the 22nd inst. India successfully launched an unmanned orbiter to the moon. The New York Times lauded it and reported that India’s scientists are confident of sending men into space in the very near future. India has certainly … Continue reading

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I have been in a pensive mood about India the past few days, due to some rather unusual developments. Coming together as they did, this subject leads me to wonder if this is serendipity working overtime! It all started with … Continue reading

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