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Comics Reflecting Adult Angst.

As the readers of this blog know, I get a regular email feed from delanceyplace. The mail today is about Charlie Brown, an endearing cartoon character from “Peanuts” by Charles Schulz. I quote – “Children are not supposed to be … Continue reading

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Marriage Violence and Divorce.

The last few posts have some how coincided with my reading of a book “Marriage and Violence” by Frances E. Dolan. Dolan takes a very scholarly look at the historical background to the institution of marriage and the equations between … Continue reading

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The Tuckloo Club.

Tikno from love-ely expressed the wish that I publish a photograph of the tuckloo club and I have decided to do so here. You can see an enlarged version by just clicking on the image. From left, Huseina, Vimlu, Chandru, … Continue reading

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Is cybersex adultery?

I keep telling anyone who is willing to listen that I have seen it all and nothing is likely to shock me. I must confess that this article did. I do not want to post a long commentary on it … Continue reading

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Down Memory Lane II

This is the second of the articles that I wrote on my abandoned blog. Sunday, May 27, 2007 Party Interactions Last night, I attended a party to meet the visiting son of a dear friend of mine. The friend is … Continue reading

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Down Memory Lane.

I wrote this post in June 2007, in another blog which I have now abandoned. I abandoned that blog because, believe it or not, I could not find it after I had posted two blogs on it. I had to … Continue reading

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Movie Scenes That Have Stayed With Me.

Recently, I solved a crossword puzzle with the word ‘CASABLANCA’. This brought back such vivid memories of the film of the same name that I thought of another film that also has stayed with me as a favorite. That was … Continue reading

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Health Check.

I was introduced to this site by my blog friend Mitch. He spoke so highly of the site and also challenged his readers to take the test. I did and am glad that I did. While there is nothing seriously … Continue reading

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Being Informal? Or Is It Rudeness?

I am normally up and about before the LOH comes out of the bedroom and on her way to the porch, pops in at the kitchen to say “good morning” while I struggle with our morning cuppa. When I take … Continue reading

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A Hilarious Cartoon.

The same friend who sent me the joke about the White House, has sent me this cartoon. I am sure that this will raise some chuckles as well!

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