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The Refugee Problem In India – II

I dedicate this post to my blog friend Teenie. Why? For these pithy words in her comment on one of my earlier posts “I enjoyed Mitch’s post and your comments. I like how you are “divinely” gifted with your blog … Continue reading

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A Poignant Story.

A friend of mine from the USA has just sent me this very poignant story with the comment that this story reflects certain popular feelings just now in the USA. I am not qualified to comment, not being an American, … Continue reading

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Give Your Voice For Refugees.

My friends Tikno and Jim Belshaw have written about the problems of refugees, on this, the Refugee Day for bloggers to unite on the cause of refugees. Tikno in fact had blogged about it last week and I had responded … Continue reading

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Inspiration For Blogging.

A blogger friend, Mitch has an interesting post up and I recommend it to all of you. Please do not omit the comments from me and the response from Mitch. “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but … Continue reading

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An Unintended Consequence of Mr. Obama’s Victory.

My attention has been drawn to a great blog. My hat’s off to the blogger. More interesting than the blog is the first comment on the blog from someone called “websmith”. Turns out that this commentator is my son. Hat’s … Continue reading

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A Magnificent Story.

I came across this magnificent story and want to share it with all of my readers. It is simply too close to my heart, not to want to share. The blog starts as follows: “One of Mexico’s most biodiverse yet … Continue reading

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Realities Of The Past.

My blog friend Stoney posted a lovely article in a social network which I reproduce below and I also reproduce my comments on her blog post. “You like scary things… but you don’t like to be scared. How do … Continue reading

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Misleading Headlines.

I got a kind of shock when I saw this message in an alert. “Ban encouraged by India, Pak’s commitment to peace process.” I immediately thought that the powers that are, have banned Pakistan’s commitment to the peace process that … Continue reading

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