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Happy New Year.

I desperately wanted to get this blog up and running without any hitch and everything intact before the end of 2008. This has been made possible by two young people who went out of their way to help and I … Continue reading

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I subscribe to a monthly magazine published by the Embassy to India of the USA called ‘Span’.  I received their latest issue along with an insert that shows the American flag and the Indian flag side by side along with … Continue reading

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This is a test post to see if my blog is up and running. There is still some more work to be done which, all going well, I shall complete in the next couple of days. Moral of the story … Continue reading

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India Wins Cricket Match Against England.

Cricket is one factor that unites India like nothing else perhaps does. You cannot meet an Indian who has not played cricket or has not been an ardent admirer of the game from the side lines. Each is also an … Continue reading

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What Have I been doing?

Recently, I have not been blogging as much as I normally do. This has been due to the turmoil that all of us went through post November 26, with telephone calls, emails, group mails, social network alerts and comments on … Continue reading

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Indian Heroes: The Mangal Deep School For The Mentally Handicapped.

My son Ranjan, goes for a walk/jog on a few mornings every week. He has made some friends at the jogging park of his own age and outlook and one of them Sandeep, has been visiting my blog on and … Continue reading

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Susan Squire, Author And Person Of Her Word.

I take my readers to my post ‘Matrimonial Commitments’ of October. If you go down the post to the comments, you will see a very clear comment from Susan Squire, the author of the book on which I had based … Continue reading

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Six Months of Blogging

My first blog went up in cyberspace on June 8, 2008. Today, I start the seventh month of blogging. In the six months of blogging, this blog has registered 137 posts, 902 comments and has been favored with 8392 views. … Continue reading

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BlogCrash – Community Forum

I was introduced to this bloggers forum in its initial stages of launch and have found it to be quite an interesting forum. It has been launched by a blogger from Portugal, Mauro who is also quite an interesting character. … Continue reading

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The Mumbai Terrorism.

I am still in reaction to 26/11. It is however extremely difficult for me to write all that I feel as I may create more problems than India already has. I have therefore decided that I shall simply give three … Continue reading

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