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The USA Overtakes India In Unpopularity!

Congratulations USA. You have just overtaken us Indians as the most unpopular nation on earth. I quote from The New York times – “Polling in Pakistan shows that a majority of Pakistanis blame America for the country’s internal violence. India … Continue reading

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Human Rights? Terrorists Are Animals.

We have a peculiar problem with the lone terrorist who was caught alive during the November 26, 2008 Mumbai carnage. No lawyer is willing to provide legal assistance to him and the so and so has asked for help from … Continue reading

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The computer on which I do all my work sits on one corner of our drawing cum dining room. This room opens out to a bed room currently occupied by my father. When he exits the room, he cannot fail … Continue reading

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Tender Loving Elder Care.

My blogworld friend Linda interviewed me for her blog on care giving and has put up a post in her blog. She believes that many of my regular readers will enjoy reading the interview and has requested me to direct … Continue reading

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How Long Do You Wish To Live?

My niece from Delhi rang me up this morning for some information and after that was done, asked about her grand father’s well being. When I gave her the update, she said something rather appealing. She said that she prayed … Continue reading

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Learned Vs Learnt.

Microsoft being what it is, has this annoying habit of underlining what it considers to bve incorrect word/s. In my previous post, it has underlined “learnt” and expects me to change it to “learned”. Unlike Bill Gates, I learnt, there … Continue reading

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