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Out Of Box Thinking – Current Economic Dissolve

Prof. Natarajan is back with a guest post for us. His observations are for the Indian situation and worth a perusal for a different perspective. Without much ado, let me lead you to his post which has already been published … Continue reading

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Christopher Ross, A Blog Friend

As my readers know, I had a great deal of trouble upgrading from 2.6.5 to 2.7 WordPress and eventually had to revert to 2.6.5. I have since then upgraded to 2.7.1 with a bit of help from Ranjan. When I … Continue reading

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Slum Dog Millioanaire And The The Pygmalion Effect.

My blogworld friend Kala has posted a wonderful blog on the Pygmalion effect of the film Slum Dog Millionaire. The two songs that she has mentioned were sung, or the tunes whistled/hummed by me and many of us for years. … Continue reading

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Involvement Of Locals In The Mumbai Attacks Of 26/11

It is finally out in the open. As much as I would have liked not to write about it, the knives are finally out. The forthcoming elections for our parliament has brought the inconvenient truth out! The first salvo was … Continue reading

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FPRI – A Tale Of Two Crises

I had blogged about this article three days ago, and I now find that it has disappeared from my site. Quite how that happened, I do not have a clue to. This article however is an incisive look at two … Continue reading

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Meena Venkat – A Young Lady Lioness.

I had my cousin Devi and her son Sundar spend part of their week end with us. I had not seen either of them in years and thanks to my father now living with us, Devi decided to come over … Continue reading

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