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Out Of Box Thinking – Current Economic Dissolve

Prof. Natarajan is back with a guest post for us. His observations are for the Indian situation and worth a perusal for a different perspective. Without much ado, let me lead you to his post which has already been published … Continue reading

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Christopher Ross, A Blog Friend

As my readers know, I had a great deal of trouble upgrading from 2.6.5 to 2.7 WordPress and eventually had to revert to 2.6.5. I have since then upgraded to 2.7.1 with a bit of help from Ranjan. When I … Continue reading

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Slum Dog Millioanaire And The The Pygmalion Effect.

My blogworld friend Kala has posted a wonderful blog on the Pygmalion effect of the film Slum Dog Millionaire. The two songs that she has mentioned were sung, or the tunes whistled/hummed by me and many of us for years. … Continue reading

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Involvement Of Locals In The Mumbai Attacks Of 26/11

It is finally out in the open. As much as I would have liked not to write about it, the knives are finally out. The forthcoming elections for our parliament has brought the inconvenient truth out! The first salvo was … Continue reading

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FPRI – A Tale Of Two Crises

I had blogged about this article three days ago, and I now find that it has disappeared from my site. Quite how that happened, I do not have a clue to. This article however is an incisive look at two … Continue reading

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Meena Venkat – A Young Lady Lioness.

I had my cousin Devi and her son Sundar spend part of their week end with us. I had not seen either of them in years and thanks to my father now living with us, Devi decided to come over … Continue reading

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India’s neighbours – China

In my last post, by oversight, my finalized draft about China got unincluded. My young friend Sandeep, (another Gupta for you, Conrad!) has pointed out this omission, and I hasten to make amends. Rather than incorporate it in the original … Continue reading

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India’s Neighbours.

Even God has a Sense of Humour! I found this joke just in time to use it as a preamble to this post. God was in the process of creating the universe. And he was explaining to his subordinates ‘Look … Continue reading

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Slum Dog Millionaire

Some of my readers, have seen the film Slum Dog Millionaire and have been making some comments on my posts. While Jean has been fascinated by it, an interesting observation has been made by Liara and I quote her. “An … Continue reading

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Zardari’s Admission

Today’s Times of India has an interesting editorial. What many of us in India have been predicting and cautioning about has come about. Sixty years of hatred towards India, jealousy and envy of India’s achievements as an alternative to a … Continue reading

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