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A Fresh Breeze From The USA Into Our Home.

We have been privileged to have one young American stay with us the last couple of days. He is all of 31 and looks younger. When he starts to talk however, he comes across as someone with a refreshing way … Continue reading

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Recently, I had an occasion to comment on a blog on the subject of boredom and I mentioned that the word itself did not exist in any Indian language and that the concept is alien and one that has been … Continue reading

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Indian God’s Miracle And British Sangfroid.

Had this article not been published in the Telegraph, I would not have given it a second look! This is a story that is of interest to me for two reasons.  One, the mystery and the power of prayer and … Continue reading

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Grannymar’s Story Of How She and Jack Got Together.

While commenting on my post “How People Get Together”, Grannymar had mentioned that she had posted a blog about it some time ago. She promised to look for it and subsequently sent it to me. When I read it, I … Continue reading

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“Assasins Of The Mind.”

I have just read a chilling article by Christopher Hitchens in the Vanity Fair. Let me kindle your interest with how he concludes the article. “Two decades on, Salman himself is thriving mightily and living again like a free man. … Continue reading

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How People Get Together.

There is a fantastic post by Stacey called ’25 Random Things, Facts, Habits, and Goals’ on her blog ‘Create A Balance’. It is worth a read and I hope that you will and find out a great deal about her … Continue reading

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Adoption, A Fascinating Story

My blog friend Linda who interviewed me in her blog had mentioned in passing in one of her comments that she was adopted. Since at that time, I was closely counseling two couples going through adoption processes here in India, … Continue reading

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The Boomerangst Generation.

I recently read two fascinating articles by George Magnus. What attracted me to the articles were the titles and I was not disappointed. They are in sequence, the first one just plain title and the next called Take II Many … Continue reading

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Conrad, Apples and Wine.

My friend Conrad had this to say about my earlier post ‘Sartorial Splendour’. “Marvelous! Might I say that you look as comfortably dressed as any clothing combination I can imagine would offer. I also notice that you have retained the … Continue reading

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Sartorial Splendour.

Conrad in his latest blog post has asked me one, oops two questions and instead of providing him with a photograph of me in a suit, I have offered to share a photograph of me in our native costume. This … Continue reading

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