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A Tribute To Two Great Doctors.

“The great psychiatrist Dubois once said, so rightly: “Of course one can manage without all that (a doctor’s compassionate approach to a patient) and still be a doctor, but in that case, one should realize that the only thing that … Continue reading

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There Is Both Madness And Reason in ‘Love’.

“Always, there is a drop of madness in love, yet always, there is a drop of reason in madness.” – F. Nietzsche Since the recent loss of my wife, I have been trying to make sense about love, death, attachment … Continue reading

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Whine Bar Mark III

The inspiration for this post has come from Grannymar’s posts. She has this wonderful ability of taking ordinary daily events and making very interesting posts about them. I decided to emulate her with some of the things that strike me … Continue reading

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I Love The Love In You

Jean Browman’s post ‘How To Stay Happy Always’ caused a bit of a discussion on the use of the word ‘love’. It also resulted in some off blog discussions by email. That has motivated me to attempt this blog. The … Continue reading

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The Whine Bar – Mark II

Those of my readers who missed Conrad’s update on his whine bar, I strongly recommend a visit for some boost.  I also refer to his post on telephones, which has something to do with this post. I have come across … Continue reading

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I went on a nostalgic trip recently when it rained on my parade.  I do not believe in serendipity and when I came across this post by Linda, I just could not stop with just seeing the video.  Gene Kelly … Continue reading

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