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Do We Stop To Appreciate And Smell The Roses?

I bet that most of us would say, “who has got the time?” I had gone out to the nearby jogger’s park earlier this evening and as I was nearing it, two stunningly charming children were coming towards me. They … Continue reading

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A Blonde Does Not A Bimbo Make.

Grannymar’s joke on blondes generated quite a bit of discussions. I discovered a new blog site because of the discussions and based on Jean’s comments, I dedicate this to that spirited lass who announces loud and clear – “A blonde … Continue reading

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My Friends Are Convinced That I am Over The Hill.

My friends, are convinced that I am now over the hill. Otherwise, I do not see any reason for receiving messages like this by email from them. I also seem to have read a blog somewhere similar to this and … Continue reading

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I Love This Doctor.

I have just received this as a forward and since I enjoyed reading it so much, I think that it is only fair that I share it with my regular readers. I only wish that my doctor about who I … Continue reading

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See It To Believe It.

Another well wisher, who insists on remaining unnamed despite much pleading by me, sent me a message. “It is not too late to do something about your laziness. You should start going to class to learn to play the guitar … Continue reading

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Politically Correct Humour.

This post is dedicated to Jean from Cheerful Monk who thinks that I am too obsessed with Pakistan and our other neighbours, and am losing my sense of humour! No Jean, far from it, as this post will prove. These … Continue reading

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Friendship And Growing Old.

The following beautiful note was sent to me as a ‘forward’ by a classmate of mine, who I have not met for over forty two years. We are however in touch by group mail. I surmise that this piece of … Continue reading

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Marriage, Sugar Daddies, Mommies And Other Possibilities.

An interesting title for an article in the New York Times, ‘Keeping Up With Being Kept’, intrigued me and I went to the net edition to read it and found it quite ineteresting. I am sure that this post will … Continue reading

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Colour Bias – II

I refer to my earlier post Colour Bias and also Jim Walton’s post on the same subject. You will see from the posts as well as the comments on both the posts that the problem is quite complex, though I … Continue reading

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Earrings? Try Hearings!

My last post was on men wearing earrings. Here is a typical Indian male, from Rajasthan, wearing earrings. I should have known better than to think that having posted that picture above, matters will come to rest. I have found … Continue reading

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