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Why Do Men Wear Earrings?

I do not wear earrings. It is however part of our tradition that both male and female children get their ears pierced when they are small. They are provided with ear studs so that the holes do not get filled … Continue reading

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Good News, And Just News

And now for just the news. The world’s financial situation at the moment is so bad that people are now marrying for love.

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Indian Democracy In Action.

Some of my readers in their comments on some of my posts have mentioned that they know little about my country, India. I have recently been posting about India, its electoral processes and some of the problems that we face … Continue reading

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I Really Need To Change My Image.

My blogworld friend Diane decided that it was time that I had some humour in my life. This followed by my blogworld friend Tikno commenting that it was nice to see a humorous post from me, when I posted about … Continue reading

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

I received this as a forwarded email and absolutely must share it with all my readers. This at least goes some way in assuring me that we have not yet completely lost our sense of humour. When the whole world … Continue reading

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India’s Own Munthadar al-Zaidi.

There is just too much coincidence here. There is another PC and I have got to be extremely careful about how I go about this post lest, I get into media and more importantly, legal, hassles. PC, is our Home … Continue reading

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Bias Of A Different Kind – The Tear Drop.

My friend Conrad has posted a remarkable story in his blog “Leveraged Intelligence” about a memorial that the people of Russia have given to the people of the USA. Here is, at least in my opinion, demonstration of bias of … Continue reading

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Politically Correct Speech.

My earlier post on sense of humour has raised some interesting questions about what happens in India. India is divided into two classes of people. Those who use English fluently including its nuances, idioms, and adages. Mostly what is used … Continue reading

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Are we losing our sense of humour?

President Obama’s interview with Jay Leno has attracted a great deal of comment, mostly favourable, with the exception of his ability to bowl. He made the cardinal error of saying that he felt like a participant in the paralympics, when … Continue reading

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Colour Bias.

On April 4, 1968, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., 39, was shot to death in Memphis, Tenn. Serendipity? Exactly 41 years to the day, I have been asked to write about colour bias in India by an American. … Continue reading

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