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Playboy;Virgin;Civil Servant; Erotica and the Adventurous British.

No, I have not gone bonkers! The title for this post is just the sequence of news items that came to my attention and which I thought rather convenient, as coincidences go. There are two news items which I shall … Continue reading

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Gail’s Opinions

Gail, in her comments on my blog ‘Rummuser Dot Com’ said, “If only that my husband, boyfriend, or whatever he is, would look like that statue, then I would stop staring at it every time I come to your blog.” … Continue reading

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Our ‘Not-Eunuch’ Bureaucrats

This is a guest post from my friend Sandeep, who is currently in Canada but is expected to return to Pune shortly and cook a meal for me that he claims will be the best that I ever ate. He … Continue reading

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Guest Post

G L Hoffman of the blog ‘What Would Dad Say?‘ kindly invited me to write a guest post in his blog. I have tried to live up to the quality of his blog with a post. I would appreciate my … Continue reading

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Another inspiring Story.

This is an incredible story of one lady’s indomitable spirit, overcoming an uncaring and indifferent bureaucracy. Looney, you will love this. I have nothing to add to what this wonderful article in the Mail Online has to offer. I am … Continue reading

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She Made Me Cry, She Did.

Susan Boyle, that is who made me cry with her amazing rendering of this song.  Just watch her. Daylight See the dew on the sunflower And a rose that is fading Roses whither away Like the sunflower I yearn to … Continue reading

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