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Now there is a title that has been borrowed from a stereotype phrase! It is expected that TGIF is universally applicable to all and sundry, including those who work 24/7 and those whose, weekly off starts on Thursdays and also … Continue reading

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Too Lazy To Post.

As most of you know, I have friends from all over the world with strange senses of humour. I reproduce below two received from such friends. The next is even better. This is how my friend suggests that we save … Continue reading

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A Soldier Comes Home.

Just a quick post to give my American readers a link to a story that moved me. I have a soft corner for all men in uniform everywhere. This blog post is my little contribution towards expressing my admiration and … Continue reading

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Management And The Wife.

Looney and I were exchanging facts about our reading habits in his post The Life Of The Admiral Christopher Columbus, and he had this to say in his response to my comment. “Regarding management books, I did read some of … Continue reading

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Gardener Needed To Water Plants.

My dear friend Anil, who reads all my posts but sends emails to me rather than comment as others do, has sent me this message and photograph. “I need a small favor. I am going away on vacation, and need … Continue reading

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Favourtie Chair.

A photograph that was very popular among our friends and relatives was this: This photograph was taken in 1985 just before I went in for my surgery for the first hip replacement. The photographer was my friend and brother in … Continue reading

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I personally believe that “Creativity” is the most over rated word used to evaluate or judge someone. We use it to say that someone is either very creative or not so. It can be said to be sarcastic as well! … Continue reading

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Why Toilet Paper Belongs To America.

My good friend Phil who lives in Blairsville GA, very near the NC/GA border in the mountains, sent me this link after he had read my post on toilet paper as well those of Conrad’s and Grannymar’s. It makes fascinating … Continue reading

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Faux Pas!

I had originally titled this post as “Embarrassing Faux Pas.” Fortunately, I remembered that this is likely to be read by Magpie who will pull me up for the tautological horror and corrected it. Look at the impact you have … Continue reading

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Modern life.

This is a quick post to share an incredible story. I was thanking my friend Prasad on the phone for an email received from him. He normally uses his personal mail address but on occasion does use his wife’s address … Continue reading

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