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The Friday topic for the consortium of Ashok, Conrad and Grannymar besides yours truly, is Love, chosen by me. This is also to extend a very hearty welcome to Magpie11 to the consortium whose post today is eagerly looked forward … Continue reading

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The London and Sibling Rajgopauls.

This post is at the request of some of the readers to show photographs of the two lawyer Rajgopauls of London and I have decided to inclued their father as well. The first one is, of Simon and Craig flanking … Continue reading

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Why Am I Single?

As most of my readers know, I lost my wife in March of this year and since then have been living in a home with three single men. My father, me and my divorced son. It is quite an odd … Continue reading

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Phonograms and Telegrams.

What a world that we live in! My father wanted to send either a Greetings Phonogram or a Telegram to a friend whose grand son is getting married. Some of you may not know what a Phonogram is. It is … Continue reading

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Ramana Sir.

This post owes its creation to the following Google chat between yours truly (YT) and a charming young lady who shall be called Princess. Believe me, she is Princess and more to my friend whose daughter she is. I was … Continue reading

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Two Argumentative Indians.

I am blessed with the friendship of an amazing range of people and among them a special place goes to KD a great inspiration to me for courageous living under great adversity. He in turn has a wide range of … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Follow-up.

Thank you Sandeep, for keeping faith.

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The Flu Scare!

India is going through one of its panic attack periods. The flu epidemic is being blown out of all proportion and there is hysteria everywhere. Humour however flourishes in such an atmosphere and the first off the mark is an … Continue reading

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The Pyramid Of Wisdom.

Maynard, that quixotic commentator without a blog of his own, in his inimitable way has created this collage. Quite why is beyond me. If the pyramid is to reflect physical size, it is at should be, I think. I certainly … Continue reading

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Ashok, the youngest of the quartet on this Friday consortium binge, for all his youth, chose a topic totally unexpected from him. I hope that this post comes up to his very high standards. The other two, apart from me, … Continue reading

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