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Agony Uncle – Update.

The story has taken a completely unexpected turn and I hasten to update all of you. For the last fortnight, things have been rather quiet at my niece’s place after the blow up and my counseling. The topic was indeed … Continue reading

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Vijayadasami / Dussera

Padmini had this to say on her Facebook page about today. “Today is Vijayadasami–the tenth day after Navaratri–we do puja to all the instruments (ayudham of modern day) and pray that they work well throughout the year. My prayer goes … Continue reading

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Organic Farming.

I do not know whether Maynard was being facetious when he sent me this mail: “I found this article sitting in my “library” reading “Uncle Hohn’s Sightly Irregular Bathroom Reader” the 17th edition. Rummy, can you verify if this is … Continue reading

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Friday is back on us and today’s topic has been chosen by me. I did it originally as a lark to give a simple topic as I had assured my co Friday LCB, Magpie11. This post is the Loose Consortium … Continue reading

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Suzen’s Comments And My Inspiration.

Suzen had the following to say in my post “Women Soldiers – Another Achievement.” “Have been enjoying the picture of you in your tent awaiting a flow of visitors – mostly female soldiers? I know our women soldiers are well-trained … Continue reading

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Indian Films And Long Lost Brothers.

If there is only cliched formula for Indian films that is two or more brothers getting separated in childhood due to some catastrophe or some riot or such events. They grow up in various religions, adopted by different people, or … Continue reading

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Women Soldiers – Another Achievement.

You know how proud I am of our Border Security Force’s all women Battalion posted in our border with Pakistan. I have just come across another very inspiring story from the USA. We in India already have a de-facto lady … Continue reading

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Crank’s Ridge

When a friend sent me a link to a YouTube link for a video on Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye singing ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’, it brought back so many memories to me that I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Women Border Security Force.

In my post “Coincidence? Women Bug The Lashkar e Toiba” I had informed about Indian Border Security Force deploying an all women unit on the border with Pakistan. Some of my readers had requested that I keep them updated with … Continue reading

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Happiness – Continued.

I last posted about Happiness in my blog in January. Since then a lot has happened in all our lives and this topic has been taken for granted. In my post I had given some quotations and now I have … Continue reading

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