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World Tour On Bicycle By Siddhartha Priya.

A fellow alumnus from the Business School from which I graduated decades ago, is setting out on an adventure – A world tour on a bicycle. Siddhartha Priya is a young man with stars in his eyes. An idealist in … Continue reading

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Love – A New Take!

One of the definitions of love that has always made sense to me is by M. Scot Peck. “Love is the free exercise of choice. Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each … Continue reading

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There is a saying in India that unless one empties one’s cash box, there will be no room for fresh cash to come in. I normally extend this to suit the occasion and say something like for the pocket to … Continue reading

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My Friend Rajan Phanse

I use the word googly quite often in my writings, which is a cricketing term used for a ball bowled by a bowler that turns the wrong way from the direction that the batsman expects. This is something like a … Continue reading

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“Don’t just think about your meals as a succession of one-night stands. You’re in it for life. You’re here today and tomorrow, and all of next week, so you might as well get your head around basic planning.” That got … Continue reading

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Human Rights Activists Be Damned.

I came across a very interesting piece of news about punishment meted out to a couple of Pakistanis by their court. I for one, approve this kind of punishment. I also favour castration as a punishment for rapists and women … Continue reading

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