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The Perfect Life.

In the Christian tradition, from a life of leisure and happines, after Adam and Eve eat the fruit of knowledge they are condemned to work and this has created the prejudice that all work is punishment in the education systems … Continue reading

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Swami Ramananandaji Maharaj.

Just look at that room. Is it not very appealing? I would love to live in a house with a room like that. And what is more, it is part of a converted old chapel! It can only contain lots … Continue reading

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Pigs And Human Beings.

This is too good to be postponed for another day. Pigs have been having their merry way with humanbeings the last few years with Swine flu, and other pig related stories. The latest however takes the cake. It can also … Continue reading

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Love Is As Rare As Finding Aliens.

Here is a fascinating account from an economist based in London. A classic example of perhaps some one with nothing better to do. In India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, there is a proverb that translated says “An underemployed barber will … Continue reading

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Republic Day.

India became a Republic on January 26, 1950. Yes, the Republic is Sixty Years old today. India became an Independent country, shrugging off British rule in 1947. It took us about two years and some months to draw up our … Continue reading

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The Road. Journey II

When the Loose Bloggers Consortium wrote on ‘A Journey’, in November last year, Magpie’s post led me to two books on journeys that he used to read to his students. One was “I am David” by Ann Holm and the … Continue reading

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