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Just Ask Leadership. Connections.

My blog friend Conrad led me to his friend G L Hoffman and his blog ‘What Would Dad Say.” One of GL’s posts was an interview with his friend and author Gary B Cohen. I was very impressed with the … Continue reading

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Wisdom With Foresight.

My byline is “Wisdom By Hindsight”. Someone decided that I was eligible for this message and sent it to me by email. I leave it to me readers to come to their own conclusions about the wisdom of the sender … Continue reading

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Twitter Trouble.

Mr Paul Chambers let off some steam by twittering about his frustration with the snow bound world around him and ended up being arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist!  Poor young man was just planning to fly to Ireland … Continue reading

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Ranjan’s Rakhi Sister Zainab.

My regular readers will remember my post on Rakhi Sisters “Gaelikaa Adopts Me As Her Brother.” In that post I had introduced Zainab as “Our son Ranjan has a much cherished Rakhi Sister, Zainab. She was his classmate in college … Continue reading

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Faith, in my understanding, is the belief in something till knowledge of its truth is obtained. Once knowledge is gained of the subject matter, faith stops having any meaning or purpose. Faith is usually used in common communication to indicate … Continue reading

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Terrorism, Al-Qaeda And The USA.

There are three articles on this subject that more or less discuss in similar lines about the latest terrorist attempt and its implications. As a contry that has been bleeding from many cuts that as a state policy that Pakistan … Continue reading

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My Secretary II.

Gaelikaa, in one of her comments on my original post “My Secretary”, had this to say – “Ramana Bhai Sahib, I know who your secretary is nowadays. It is your computer. Isn’t it?” That was closely followed by a comment … Continue reading

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Four Idiots.

This post has been inspired by Nick’s post “Bent Coppers”, in his blog nickhereandnow. Currently running newly released Bollywood film in India, called Three Idiots, is a light hearted poke at the Indian education system. Since the release of the … Continue reading

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My Secretary.

I have been blessed with a Secretary who does all the work that I assign her cheerfully and efficiently without asking to be paid for it. Lest she too consigns me to Secretary Anonymous, I shall leave her unnamed and … Continue reading

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Test Post.

Last night, my blog post on Quest did not get published at the pre set time. I suspect that I goofed up somewhere and this is just to check if the system is working and the fault was human.

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