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Mother of all Jokes!

Two Middle East mothers are sitting in a cafe chatting over a plate of tabouli and a pint of goat’s milk.. The older of the two pulls a bag out of her purse and start’s flipping through photos. They start … Continue reading

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The Wildest Thing That I Did In My Youth.

Welcome to another post of the Friday Loose Bloggers’ Consortium when eleven of us post on the same topic chosen by one of us. Today’s topic has been chosen by Gaelikaa, who must be pleased as punch with the fix … Continue reading

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Post Bomb Blast Pune.

Gaelikaa suggested that I write about Pune after the Bomb blast of the 13th February and I had promised her that I would. The death toll has gone up to sixteen. Some more are still in critical conditions in some … Continue reading

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Flipkart And My Adventure With Them.

Flipkart is an online book seller that I have been patronizing for the last ten months and have always had a very high opinion of their service and efficiency. I must have bought over thirty books from them so far. … Continue reading

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Pakistan And The Taliban

Here are two news articles which show something that has been obvious to Indians for long and only now being brought to the knowledge of the general public of the West whose tax money has been spent on Pakistan for … Continue reading

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Hospitality In The USA And India

My blog friend Lizwi from South Africa had this to say in his comments on my post “Visitor”. “Wow! I feel greatly honoured. I can assure you that what you say in this post is exactly what you always do … Continue reading

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