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Poor HE The Ambassador!

This is a story too good not to be shared with all my readers. France has recently been in the news for attempting to ban the Niqab and there are any number of stories about the niqab doing the rounds … Continue reading

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Response to Ursula.

In my blog about my battles with my bulges, there is a nice little exchange between Usuala and me. Please do read it to better understand this post. Ursula asked if I would lend her a fiver. In response, I … Continue reading

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A Personal Place A thing And/Or An Idea

Welcome to another post of the Friday Loose Bloggers’ Consortium when eleven of us post on the same topic chosen by one of us. Today’s topic has been chosen by Magpie and I find it extremely difficult to forgive him … Continue reading

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Good News After A Long Time.

A number of well wishers have been after me to reduce my weight. I too wish to. It simply does not seem to happen. All the resolutions that I make and keep get broken due to some reason or the … Continue reading

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The More Things Change…………

Please look at the date on the cartoon. It has been almost 56 years since RK Laxman, an icon in India published that unforgettable cartoon. It can be published today, and would mean exactly the same things to all of … Continue reading

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Would You Marry The Same Person Again?

I suppose that this question must occur to most people at some point of time or the other. Such an occurrence obviously made some one conduct a survey, and as I am prone to, the summary result of the survey … Continue reading

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Me And My Mac.

This says it all. I owe a debt of gratitude to Darlene for this inspiration.

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Namastey /Phishing Mail.

I received this mail today in my inbox. Both the brothers mentioned in the mail are currently in jail and are expected to remain there for a mighty long time while the trial takes its own time. Many people have … Continue reading

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Winter Visitor II

Is it a coincidence? Sernedipity? These kind of strange things keep happening all the time in my life. I was just finishing responding to comments on my Friday LBC post on ‘Visitor’ and I get information that Jay is back … Continue reading

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A New Career?

Ranjan’s good friend and a casting director for many advertising agencies and filming units RD, suddenly threw a googly at me. She had met me casually at home on a couple of occasions and I do not know what made … Continue reading

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