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Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

Welcome to another post of the Friday Loose Bloggers’ Consortium when eleven of us post on the same topic chosen by one of us. Today’s topic has been chosen by Magpie and I find it extremely difficult to forgive him … Continue reading

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Prayer Time?

Somehow or the other interesting news items come to my attention from all over the world. Particularly odd bits and pieces come from the UK which is at it should be considering that our association with the UK goes back … Continue reading

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Hair Cuts.

What is it about hair cuts that drives men into becoming positively poetic? Last week it was Conrad with a video about his hair cut and this week it is Sandeep with a nostalgic post on his old barber shop. … Continue reading

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Bomb Blast In Pune.

Last evening at around seven pm while I was at the computer, I heard a big bang and assumed that it was some wedding party letting off some fire works and crackers. At eight pm, my brother in law rang … Continue reading

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Poor HE The Ambassador!

This is a story too good not to be shared with all my readers. France has recently been in the news for attempting to ban the Niqab and there are any number of stories about the niqab doing the rounds … Continue reading

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Response to Ursula.

In my blog about my battles with my bulges, there is a nice little exchange between Usuala and me. Please do read it to better understand this post. Ursula asked if I would lend her a fiver. In response, I … Continue reading

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