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Recycling – Human Organs.

Delirious has a fascinating post about organ donation. There is nothing new about the donating of human organs when one dies and I know that some of my readers as I, intend to do that and have made the necessary … Continue reading

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The Shoe Bomber And Justice Young’s Judgment.

Our own terrorist Kasab is facing trial in a high security court in Mumbai in India and I hope that the Judge reads this magnificent judgment by Justice Young of the USA. Remember the guy who got on a plane … Continue reading

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An Italian Meal From An American.

We had an Italian meal recently as a new neighbour, actually wanted to go on a picnic to our local park but since my father and I cannot sit down on the lawns, and there are no picnic tables there, … Continue reading

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My Desire And Some Reality Check.

I am overwhelmed with the invitations from so many of my blog friends to visit them when I fulfill my desire to travel at the earliest possible time. Recently however, I have been having a problem with my partial denture … Continue reading

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“When all the desires that surge in the heart are renounced, The mortal becomes immortal. When all the knots that strangle the heart are loosened, The mortal becomes immortal.” “You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire … Continue reading

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RSVP – “Répondez s’il vous plaît” “Please Respond”, in English, is a graceful way of requesting people to respond to invitations to confirm acceptance or regrets to the event for which the guest has been invited. I have used RSVP … Continue reading

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