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Freedom Vs Independence.

I’m going fishing I got me a line Nothin’ I do’s gonna’ make the difference So I’m taking the time And you ain’t never gonna’ be happy Anyhow, anyway So I’m going fishing And I’m going today I’m going fishing … Continue reading

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Joggers’ Park

After I had posted my “Whine Bar” post, I thought it prudent to inform my readers that I am very happy living in Pune and particularly in the locality within it. Kalyani Nagar is the name of the locality and … Continue reading

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Bar Stool Economics.

I reproduce a mail received from a friend and classmate without prejudice or comment. “Tax System Explained – Bar Stool Economics Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. … Continue reading

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Revival Of The Whine Bar?

I live in a Co-operative Housing Society consisting of twelve flats (apartments, for my American friends). It is a nice cozy little society and all the residents are quite friendly with each other. All of us, except two have been … Continue reading

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Seat Belts.

I was recently in Bengaluru and was being driven around by my business associate there. As soon as I got into his passenger seat in the front, I put on the seat belt out of habit. In Pune it is … Continue reading

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Coincidences never fail to amaze me. Here is another story of a series of coincidences. I have four lovely Irish ladies in my life. Strictly by order of seniority, they are Grannymar, Gaelikaa, Bernadette and our Princess Eleanor. These four … Continue reading

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