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Freedom Vs Independence.

I’m going fishing I got me a line Nothin’ I do’s gonna’ make the difference So I’m taking the time And you ain’t never gonna’ be happy Anyhow, anyway So I’m going fishing And I’m going today I’m going fishing … Continue reading

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Joggers’ Park

After I had posted my “Whine Bar” post, I thought it prudent to inform my readers that I am very happy living in Pune and particularly in the locality within it. Kalyani Nagar is the name of the locality and … Continue reading

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Bar Stool Economics.

I reproduce a mail received from a friend and classmate without prejudice or comment. “Tax System Explained – Bar Stool Economics Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. … Continue reading

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Revival Of The Whine Bar?

I live in a Co-operative Housing Society consisting of twelve flats (apartments, for my American friends). It is a nice cozy little society and all the residents are quite friendly with each other. All of us, except two have been … Continue reading

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Seat Belts.

I was recently in Bengaluru and was being driven around by my business associate there. As soon as I got into his passenger seat in the front, I put on the seat belt out of habit. In Pune it is … Continue reading

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Coincidences never fail to amaze me. Here is another story of a series of coincidences. I have four lovely Irish ladies in my life. Strictly by order of seniority, they are Grannymar, Gaelikaa, Bernadette and our Princess Eleanor. These four … Continue reading

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If I could be anything, I would be…

Anselme Noumbiwa. In the first place, I would not have run away from being crowned with all those delicious perks. If I had, I would have and continued to enjoy the attention that the British tender hearts lavish on … Continue reading

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Good News On The Virus In My Blog

Ranjan finally located the malware/virus which had infected my blog. It was from Russia and was loaded via a plug in. It has now been removed and my readers should not have any problems accessing my posts for commenting as … Continue reading

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Coincidence? Chance? Serendipity?

Please closely observe these recent events in my life. Ginger chooses “Art” as the topic for our Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium. All of us duly post our take on the subject on the 9th of April. I write about the … Continue reading

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One Million Indians!

Some of my readers keep urging me to write more about India and Indians. I am trying my best to and here is help from an unexpected source for which I am very grateful. My friend Sandeep, yes the same … Continue reading

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