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The Story Of My Life.

That friends, is the current story of my life. This post has been in the making for quite some time and when this cartoon appeared the bulb went on about the timing. Bar a few times, I have lived away … Continue reading

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Voices I Recall.

The voices that I recall often are almost always singers from my days of listening to music. Since quite a few of them were inherited from the choices made by my parents, some were of earlier vintage. The latter were … Continue reading

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The MBA.

My regular readers know that I am not a great fan of the current crop of MBAs, that is being churned out by assembly line fashion by purely commercial organizations for profit. Most of them end up as unemployable in … Continue reading

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India Pakistan Peace Initiatives – Aman Ki Asha

Two media giants of India and Pakistan jointly have organized a series of initiatives to bring about improved relations between the two hostile neighbours. This is called “Aman Ki Asha” meaning “Hope For Peace”. I urge my readers interested in … Continue reading

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A friend who is an Economics Journalist, one of the busiest persons I know, recently recommended a book for me to read. It is an English translation from Sanskrit of one of India‚Äôs epics, The Mahabharata. I was intrigued because, … Continue reading

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My blogger friend Nick has two posts on Lying and I recommend that my readers read both along with the comments and responses from Nick to get a flavour of this very worthwhile subject. The first one is “It’s good … Continue reading

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For want of wealth, my time is lost. For want of time, my hope is lost. For want of hope, my future is lost. For want of future, my present is lost. For want of present, my dream is lost. … Continue reading

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Margaret Mitchell and Gone With The Wind.

Having been led by chance to re-read “To kill a mocking bird”, I am tempted to re-read Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the wind.” There are some striking similarities about these books that seem rather odd. Both were written by Southern … Continue reading

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Memories Of The Three ‘R’s

I had taken my father to the local lending library for his weekly quota of books to read, and while I was waiting for him to return the last lot and pick new ones, I was browsing the shelves. I … Continue reading

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Cleric Put In Jail.

Maulana Noor-ul-Huda an Islamic Scholar who runs a Madrassa, was offloaded an international flight just before take off at Delhi, arrested and kept in jail for a night. This was due to a misunderstanding in overhearing the Maulana’s cellphone conversation … Continue reading

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