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Indians Buy Bullion.

Today is Akshaya Tritiya. The most auspicious of all days in the Hindu calendar. It is believed that any activity started, or any thing bought today will result is success and prosperity. It is the day that Indian jewelery makers … Continue reading

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Modern Myths.

I suggested this topic for blogging by the Loose Bloggers Syndicate and therefore am ready for more critical perusal by my readers than the other members of the syndicate. The idea for this topic came to me because; there is … Continue reading

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When Will They Ever Learn – II

My previous post “When Will They Ever Learn” got two interesting comments from Le Loup and Beardseye. I urge my readers to please revisit the blog and read their comments and my response to them. Subsequent to that post in … Continue reading

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When Will They Ever Learn?

I give my readers two links today to express my frustration. The first is from the Washington Post – North Waziristan: Terrorism’s new hub? The second is from the BBC News – Clinton warns Pakistan of ‘consequences’ over extremism As … Continue reading

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Palang Thod!

In India, chewing beetle leaves with some powdered lime stone and beetle nuts is a common habit. The mixed concoction is simply called paan after the leaf.There are other goodies added to either enhance the effect, like cured, perfumed and … Continue reading

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To Hang Or Not To Hang Ajmal Kasab.

The lone captured Islamic Terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who cold bloodedly shot innocent civilians on our 26/11 carnage at Mumbai has been found guilty and given the death sentence. Our anti death sentence brigade has started off its own brand of … Continue reading

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An Interesting Indian Myth Tied To Modern Problems

I came across an interesting blog post “The Weaver, The Princess, And Goldman Sachs” in Yahoonews. To save the trouble of my readers going to the link and reading, I have copy pasted it here and have added links to … Continue reading

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I Just Hate It When …”

Where do I begin? It is a no brainer. The pride of place must go to unsolicited advise. I don’t offer it and find it extremely unpleasant when people offer this to me. This is one communication that can get … Continue reading

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Season For Losing Things!

My friend, let us call her Vasantha is an ebulient and cheerful lady, is married to an equally volatile Chakor (A bird that loves the moon, as does he. On Full moon days, he insists on being a vegetarian.) Vasantha … Continue reading

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An Advertising Puzzle!

Can you guess how it is possible that this man is sitting so comfortably?

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