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More Is Good!

When my sister Padmini, read my LBC post “The Inessential Belongings That We Collect”, she sent me an article that she wrote for an Indian magazine for women, Eves Touch. She inevitably writes the last page for that monthly magazine … Continue reading

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Are People The Same Everywhere?

“Pharmaceutical companies will never find the holy grail of a female Viagra — not in this culture driven and drained by middle-class values. Inhibitions are stubbornly internal. And lust is too fiery to be left to the pharmacist.” “Well, let … Continue reading

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The East India Company.

The East India Company from London came to India in the year 1600. It was the forerunner of British Colonial rule over the entire Indian subcontinent, currently called South Asia. All Indians of my generation and before learnt all about … Continue reading

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Corporate Attitude In India.

I recently read a book called The India Way which made me regret that I am no longer part of the very exciting Indian business scene. Many things that Professional Managers of my generation longed for could not materialize due … Continue reading

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The Inessential Belongings That We Collect

“We happily accumulate possessions and happily give them away. It is only possessing them that gives no happiness.” – Robert Brault. It is one more coincidence that this topic has been suggested at this time. For the past ten days … Continue reading

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Finally The Cat Is Out Of The Bag.

When will the USA ever learn? American engagement in Afghanistan has already outlasted the one in Vietnam. I offer this news item from the New York Times, without my comments.

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The Lost Mobile Phone – II

I hope that my readers will remember my posting about losing my mobile phone and all that I had to do to protect myself from possible misuse of the lost phone. Suddenly this morning, I received a call from a … Continue reading

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Rights Of The Cheated And The Cheats.

“”It is not that the honest pursuit of one’s selfish interests cannot be a social good. It is that if one is selfish, why would one be honest?” – Robert Brault. When I read this story in the New York … Continue reading

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Stitch Together Five Paragraphs.

Conrad came up with this brilliant idea that we would get three of our common friends to write a paragraph each on any subject that they can think of, and also individually get two of our individual non blogging friends … Continue reading

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Chandru At His Best.

My neighbour and friend Chandru, is semi mobile following two coronary artery bypass surgeries and a subsequent infarction. He is also highly diabetic and depends on his wife Vimlu and a live-in male nurse Chotu, to help him move around … Continue reading

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