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Saints And Other Holy People.

Welcome to the Loose Bloggers’ Consortium, where every Friday, some of us post on the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by Maria the Silver Fox. My exposure to Saints are restricted to three. Two from my misspent youth, … Continue reading

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What I would like to do.

Right now I am going through a very difficult and stressful time with my father in the ICU following a fractured femur and consequent shock. Since I am not allowed to be with him at the ICU, I am at … Continue reading

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Greetings From Bunc.

This is one comment on my post “Conditions.” that I missed while indisposed. This is from Bunc, all the way from Ayrshire. Rum is unusual there, what with so much of the good stuff – Scotch available! “There once was … Continue reading

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Relationships And Karma.

Our young blogger friend Ashok has an interesting post on his blog “In the words of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade” which has prompted me to write this rather poignant post. During my recent frequent visits to the hospital for physiotherapy, … Continue reading

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Resurgent India.

My friends Nat/Usha and Anil/Nina were recently on a long motoring holiday in Gujarath and Rajasthan. They had an absolutely grand time as Anil has repeatedly told me on the phone and email. His latest mail adds a bit of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Jean and I had an interesting exchange in her blog Transforming Stress Into Personal Power, which prompts this post. This is how Santa arrives in India. You may not believe it but that is Rudolph pedaling! Merry Christmas.

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