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Indian Marriages -II

This is the second story as indicated in my yesterday’s post. Dr Swarnambal and Dr Kumaraswamy—A 65 year old saga. It was a love marriage. It was an inter community marriage. It was the classic boss and assistant getting together … Continue reading

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Indian Marriages.

My sister Padmini is a professional writer. She writes for many periodicals and newspapers in the South of India. In this post and the next one, I shall reproduce an article that she wrote for the women’s magazine Eves Times, … Continue reading

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Deja Vu!

To understand the title of this blog, you must first read this article in The Times Of India that was published this morning. My sympathies are with the lady who jumped out of the fifth floor apartment. I can identify … Continue reading

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Interpol Is After Me!

What do you think should I do?

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Indian Sense Of Humour.

Before I take you to the humour part of this post, some background. Mr. N D Tiwari is a senior politician from the stables of our Indian National Congress, the senior partner in our current ruling dispensation in Delhi. You … Continue reading

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Let us take a look at what Mark Twain had to say: Here’s a question that was posed to the Dalai Lama: “What surprises you most about humanity?” His answer was as follows: “Man” “Because he sacrifices his health in … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where Ashok, Conrad, Delirious,gaelikaa, Grannymar and I write on the same topic. Please do visit the linked blogs to get five different flavours of the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by … Continue reading

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News! Silicon strikes again!

When a dog bites a man, it is not news, but when a man bites a dog, it is news. I give below two links to highlight how something can go viral and what can happen to the news story … Continue reading

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Midsomer Murders.

I have not been watching television programs, except for some news occasionally, for many years. My late wife however used to watch a great deal and whenever Midsomer Murders came on, she would get me to sit and watch with … Continue reading

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Obsession – II

My regular readers will know a consortium of bloggers called the Loose Bloggers Consortium (LBC) write on the same topic every Friday. Last Friday, it was “Obsession”. It was an interesting bouquet of posts topped by Conrad’s “Magnificent Obsession”. That … Continue reading

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