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Generating More Time.

I find that the backlog of books that I have bought and have not yet had the time to read becoming unmanageable. As at date, I have seven tomes waiting to be read and the influences that motivated those purchases, … Continue reading

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The Taklus.

Taklu is a Hindi word that means bald.I am a taklu. Almost all my friends and male relatives are too. Our group of friends who regularly visit the local joggers park is called JPTC. Joggers Park Taklu Club. I started … Continue reading

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The Magnet.

I posted “I started a joke” earlier when I suddenly remembered that song. I am writing this before I am asked “What is the story?” This is the story. My lady friend SD from Bengaluru was on the phone the … Continue reading

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I Started A Joke.

I started a joke Which started the whole world crying But I didn’t see That the joke was on me, oh no I started to cry Which started the whole world laughing Oh, if I’d only seen That the joke … Continue reading

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A Test Post.

Just trying to figure out some new plug ins.

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Sexual Harassment.

I was under the impression that Indian cities were the worst in the world for women due to sexual harassment that they face. Here is a sobering thought about the situtation. It is also another fact that among all the … Continue reading

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