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Action – Reaction.

The NRA should have one more reason for their existence. One can intimidate others for farting. Pity though their website does not include this gem. You do not believe me? Read this hilarious news clip.

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I suppose that this naturally followed from the LBC topic “Dark” that Will had suggested. This little offering is also a natural flow from the earlier post. Antarjyoti bahirjyoti pratyagjyoti paratparah Jyotirjyoti swayamjyoti atmajyoti shivosmyaham Light is on the inside, … Continue reading

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The Latest Obsession.

I weigh 85 Kgs. That makes me clearly way above average Indian weight. On the other hand, I can comfortably be an American, though I am sure Shackman will give me a complex. Seriously, I can talk about India and … Continue reading

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Customer Service At Stanchart Bank – II.

Here is why I believe that SCB thinks that I am stupid and ignorant. While my exchange of mails regarding my May bill was still in progress, rather my reminders were going without any responses, I received a phone alert … Continue reading

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British Sense Of Humour.

An Indian sanitary ware company went into collaboration with a British company called Twyfords Ltd to manufacture and market a range of sanitary ware in India. One can understand the Indian collaborator’s lack of appreciation for some English words. But … Continue reading

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Nice Being God.

This was the special message my beloved sister Padmini shared in a group mail with our clan members. Dedicated to Ramana–PN Ah Beng : People consider me as a ‘GOD’ Wife: How do you know?? Ah Beng : When I … Continue reading

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My First Memory.

My first memory is my going to a Montessori School in Chennai. I distinctly remember Mrs. Fletcher who was gentle grey haired lady who lived upstairs in the two storied mansion which had all the classes downstairs except one, for … Continue reading

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That is like setting a cat among the pigeons. Commonsense is supposed to be used by unintelligent people and the intelligent ones are supposed to use uncommon sense. That is what intelligence is all about. Or at least that is … Continue reading

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Standard Chartered Bank’s Customer Service.

My readers will know how much trouble my friend had with Standard Chartered Bank. If you need more details, you can do no better than go to this post. To go deeper, you can read this post too. I too … Continue reading

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The Government.

I suppose that these sentiments are universal human conditions. So without comment, I offer two T-shirts that expresses our world.

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