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Fishy Business.

In the late nineties of the last century, I spent a lot of time among the fisherfolk of India and some other countries. I visited many fishing villages and one significant facet of any Indian fishing village is the drying … Continue reading

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A Special Treat For Shackman.

Others may enjoy too!

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Fire translated as Agni is a very important part of the Vedic Hindu life. Agni Suktam is the first hymn in the oldest of the Vedas, the Rig Veda and is addressed to Agni, the fire-god, who is considered a … Continue reading

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HR Now.

Among my regular readers, there are some Indian professionals concerned about the Indian HR scene. There are some who have discussed the abysmal situation, particularly in the IT businesses about some of the problems and some others in the Manufacturing … Continue reading

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A New Problem Created By Fanatics.

This news item from the BBC shows the latest problem faced by one section of people from India’s North East. Mumbai and Pune also had problems with people from the North East of India being targeted by trouble makers. These … Continue reading

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Indian Independence Day.

Today is our 66th Independence day and that set me off thinking about what it has meant to me. “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not … Continue reading

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The Mobile Phone III

Don’t get mad at me. Get even and start blogging like I do about the evils of misuse of mobile phones. Please watch this ad clip first. If the gory image on my previous post The Mobile Phone II was … Continue reading

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A friend left this very important piece of information for the benefit of people like me. As my readers know, I am an avid reader and my taste in books is eclectic. Whenever I come across some reference or review … Continue reading

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Sense Of Humour.

Nick Here And Now had an interesting post up in his blog last week and I recommend that you read his post as well as all the comments and Nick’s responses to them. After you have done that, you will … Continue reading

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