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Seredipity? Synchronicity?

This is Naresh Paul. Let me tell you how I came to meet him and what a pleasant event it turned out to be. My friend Ramesh and I went out shopping into the city yesterday. The idea was for … Continue reading

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I had always known that. There were two distinct faces that were revealed by him. One that all members of his immediate and extended family saw and the other that the non family connections saw. The former was mostly one … Continue reading

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christian couples counseling

A spammer calling him/herself christian couples counseling has left this comment on my post A New Friend. “WTF? Is dis real?” I wonder if s/he is serious or s/he means Wecome To Facebook. I have left the spam in place … Continue reading

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Beware Mind Readers.

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The Invisible Man III

Some of my readers had expressed their eagerness to read about the man to who I was invisible. I became invisible again to him two evenings ago at the same venue. This time however, I refused to be invisible and … Continue reading

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Love Jihad.

A friend sent this piece of information to me suggesting that there may be a connection to the Indian phenomenon called Love Jihad. This was sent to me because I had come across another very interesting news item last week … Continue reading

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