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The Rains in India are the most looked forward to events every year. For a country with many festivals the anticipation level for the simple annual natural event takes precedence over all other celebrations as if the rains do not … Continue reading

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A Long Awaited Tryst With Laurie Baker.

Way back in July 2011, I had written about a Laurie Baker Home in which my friends Neena and Anil stay. In that post I had mentioned that I hoped to visit their home at the earliest. Much water has … Continue reading

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1. A state of feeling, or being happy or satisfied Enjoyment : To read for pleasure. 2. Pleasure (in something/in doing something) : He takes no pleasure in his work.pleasure the activity of enjoying yourself, especially in contrast to working. … Continue reading

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Blogging Break.

I leave for Delhi tomorrow morning on a short vacation and will be back on the 20th. I will be sans computer access and therefore will not be blogging till I return. I have scheduled my post for the coming … Continue reading

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My Name In Japanese.

A very interesting young friend of mine Pooja, posted this on FaceBook. I did as suggested and it came out as Shi Ka Rin Ka To Ka. Shikarinkatoka. If you insist, you can call me Shikarinkatoka San. The interesting part … Continue reading

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Epitaph III.

Obituaries and epitaphs and articles about them seem to follow me. This particular article in the Telegraph is a remarkable piece of writing on the subject by a professional. Reading which led me to remember our own Blackwatertown‘s book The … Continue reading

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