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Goodbye To 2012.

2012 started off for me with the hopes that some lady would find me eligible and propose to me. That has not happened yet. I was however presented with an alternative – a very charming young lady asked me out … Continue reading

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This is a real photograph from circa 1948 of a Tamil Brahmin student studying at home. Tamil Brahmins are popularly called Tambrams. Though I belong to the Tambram community, I do not dress like that, nor did I ever study … Continue reading

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First Time Travelling Abroad Alone.

No, nothing quite like that happened to me but I had to face some serious grilling and roasting from one of the persons that I had gone to see nevertheless. The other person that I had gone to meet however … Continue reading

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Fear, Curiosity And Encouragement.

By a strange coincidence, (Grannymar I refrain from using my favourite word,) I was led to this post by three references. The first is a reference to The Rev Ed Bacon who realized that the Bible‚Äôs focus was not about … Continue reading

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Touched II.

Delirious commented as follows in my post Touched. “I love the picture of the elephant. There is something so special about the touch of an animal!” I responded – “You have reminded me of something that I am unable to … Continue reading

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It is such a beautiful word. When someone says that she is touched, a whole range of emotions get squeezed into that one word. The dictionary says that it means to be emotionally stirred. And that encapsulates the beauty of … Continue reading

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Ursula, Here Are Nandu’s Eyes.

My last post What Must I Do? has taken a life of its own and the latest request is from my friend Nandu to share his eyes with my readers and draw Ursula’s particular attention to it. I can vouch … Continue reading

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What Must I Do?

I am 69 going 70. I am in reasonably good mental and physical health though my shock absorbers have been replaced a few times. I am financially stable if not exactly in the same league as the subject of the … Continue reading

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Another Instance Of Synchronicity.

My friend Megh had dropped in last evening and we lost track of time discussing various things till late. Around 9.30 pm we were discussing something for which the name of a company eluded me no matter how much I … Continue reading

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The Law Is An Ass.

“The law is an ass” originates in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, when the character Mr. Bumble is informed that “the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction”. This phrase has been brought to my attention again by a … Continue reading

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