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Goodbye To 2012.

2012 started off for me with the hopes that some lady would find me eligible and propose to me. That has not happened yet. I was however presented with an alternative – a very charming young lady asked me out … Continue reading

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This is a real photograph from circa 1948 of a Tamil Brahmin student studying at home. Tamil Brahmins are popularly called Tambrams. Though I belong to the Tambram community, I do not dress like that, nor did I ever study … Continue reading

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First Time Travelling Abroad Alone.

No, nothing quite like that happened to me but I had to face some serious grilling and roasting from one of the persons that I had gone to see nevertheless. The other person that I had gone to meet however … Continue reading

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Fear, Curiosity And Encouragement.

By a strange coincidence, (Grannymar I refrain from using my favourite word,) I was led to this post by three references. The first is a reference to The Rev Ed Bacon who realized that the Bible‚Äôs focus was not about … Continue reading

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Touched II.

Delirious commented as follows in my post Touched. “I love the picture of the elephant. There is something so special about the touch of an animal!” I responded – “You have reminded me of something that I am unable to … Continue reading

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It is such a beautiful word. When someone says that she is touched, a whole range of emotions get squeezed into that one word. The dictionary says that it means to be emotionally stirred. And that encapsulates the beauty of … Continue reading

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