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There are times that I find it difficult to understand some men’s attitude towards women. I find what is called eve teasing in India, alcoholic husbands ill treating wives, domestic violence etc quite common besides incidents like throwing acid attacks … Continue reading

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I wish that Grannymar had made a typo and the topic was risque rather than risk. Imagine if I had got it over the phone from her instead of reading it on the list! I would have gone to town … Continue reading

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Fun As Incentive – II

These things keep happening to me all the time. I call them synchronicities and others call them coincidences. Yesterday, I posted Fun As Incentive in this blog. Today, I was sent this by a well wisher. He had not read … Continue reading

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Fun As Incentive!

Thank you Anita for the inspiration. Please watch this first: Surely something like this would have been better!

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Shackman who came up with the topic for today’s LBC post lives music. His memory functions like no other when it comes to picking the appropriate songs for occasions and I never stop being amazed at his knowledge. I too … Continue reading

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Belly Dance.

After reading my post Weight Loss The Fun Way, Maxi had this to say: “When I close my eyes I see Rummy in a grass skirt doin’ a belly dance … hmmm. Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, ya might … Continue reading

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Life Of Pi.

I had written about my recent foray into a movie date in my blog post The First Time. I am on a crusade to persuade my friends and family to see the film before it is taken off theaters. I … Continue reading

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Global Warming.

For all my British and friends. Take care.

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Weight Loss The Fun Way!

As my regular readers know, with my recent travels and catching up with many good things of life, I was spoilt silly by a number of well wishers who fed me goodies under the impression that as part of my … Continue reading

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