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A Bonus Visitor.

When I answered the door bell last evening, I was surprised to see Manjiree with another young lady who I immediately called a bonus visitor. This is her, Mrinmayee. It is a beautiful Sanskrit name meaning Of The Earth. I … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never.

My brother Arvind rang me up early yesterday morning with an unusual request. He wanted me to take some photographs of something that he had noticed during his stay with me last year and send them to him to copy … Continue reading

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The Good Life II.

No, I refuse to be apologetic about sequels and synchronicity. I had just completed responding to all the comments that I have received so far on my post The Good Life, when I received a mail from a friend who … Continue reading

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Les Misérables.

Yes, I experienced misery yesterday. Other than the stellar performances by Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, both of who are favourites of mine anyway and I am likely to be prejudiced, there is little to recommend about this film. If … Continue reading

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Good Intentions.

Good or Bad as adjectives imply a point of view. Like in the picture above, the girl can have the good intention if she had been violated before and the guy is trying to make amends, or, she may just … Continue reading

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The Good Life.

A friend of mine from rural Maharashtra rang me up to help his grand daughter visiting Pune and I readily agreed. He got her to talk to me on phone and to sort out her problems. The grand daughter GD … Continue reading

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Where Are The Clowns?

Our friend Cynthia has this uncanny knack of coming up with something most appropriate at the most unexpected moments. She has done it again. Her real life friend who is also my blogger friend Cheerful Monk, had this to say … Continue reading

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The Massage.

I used the gift voucher and got my Swedish Massage yesterday. The Swedish massage was not as satisfying as the one that my regular masseur provides me with. It is too gentle for my thick skin! It is more pressure … Continue reading

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My Dreams, And How I’ve Fulfilled Them.

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.” ~ Sigmund Freud I really should not be writing this post. I do dream but except very rarely, cannot remember what I … Continue reading

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Politicians And Bureaucrats.

I dedicate this to my two nephews Craig and Simon who will understand why. Lily, I hope that you get to see and hear this too. For my Indian readers, any volunteers to translate into Indian languages? And Nandu, thank … Continue reading

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