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Be Satisfied.

The Old Fossil put up a special post to honour me and himself. It is worth a visit to have a laugh and also to see how his readers react. The TOF being a remarkable man, I must return the … Continue reading

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Young people in one’s life are blessings in disguise. I have many and some are very actively involved in reminding me of that wisdom. One of the latter is young Pravin who has decided to become my reminder service. He … Continue reading

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Nature Vs Nurture.

I love this topic. And I will deliberately take one specific definition of the word Nature and one of Nurture to write about a favourite topic for me. Nature: a : the inherent character or basic constitution of a person … Continue reading

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Another Eventful Day.

Eventful because of a great lunch in the company of Ramesh and Ranjan with the owner of the restaurant Naresh, personally seeing to it that we were kept well fed and entertained! Simple but tasty and filling. Mutton Biriyani with … Continue reading

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My niece in law Ranjani has made me an offer that I could not refuse to accept. She has agreed to use the walls of her lovely home/s in Chennai to hang some of the wooden carvings that have adorned … Continue reading

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I wish WWW had made this available to me when I wrote my LBC post Half Full Glass. The post would have taken off into orbit! In any case, thank you WWW.

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Food Pilgrimage Again.

My friends Neena and Anil were down here with me at Pune the last week end and had a successful visit as far as the main purpose of their visit, which was some property buying and selling was concerned. More … Continue reading

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Managing Emotions II

I have once again been surprised with a link to this wonderful video by a friend who responded to my earlier post Managing Emotions. This is particularly poignant for me now for India is undergoing some soul searching on its … Continue reading

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Half Full Glass.

This old chestnut of half full or half empty glass has been discussed ad nauseum in so many blog posts in the blogworld that I wonder why Padmum chose this one! Perhaps on the day that she was choosing her … Continue reading

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