Nature Vs Nurture.

Nurture Your Leads to Improve Lead Generation ROI

I love this topic. And I will deliberately take one specific definition of the word Nature and one of Nurture to write about a favourite topic for me.


a : the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing : essence
b : disposition, temperament


1. training, upbringing

~ Merriam – Webster.

I learnt many moons ago as part of improving my communication skills, that when a child is born it just has Instinctual Drives (which became id in psychology text books). It subsequently is taught other things and this process is what makes for the ego and it eventually grows into an adult and learns to think for itself and this becomes the super ego. Instead of making a big song and dance about it, one very smart physician Thomas A Harris MD, came up with a simple to understand book called “I Am Ok You Are Ok. Who called the three stages as Child, Parent and Adult.


Child is our ‘Felt’ concept of life

Parent is our ‘Taught’ concept of life
Adult is our ‘Thought’ concept of life

Now that the background to my understanding has been established, I can start pontificating.

If our ‘felt’ concept of life that is the instinctual drives are a given, that concept gets buttressed by what is ‘taught’ to us, our grown up state must be one that is totally conditioned by factors beyond our control. It is at this point that our ‘thought’ process should take over and modify the concept of life to one which will enable us to live harmoniously with ourselves and others.

So, going back to our definitions, our ‘nature’ is formed by instinctual drives and buttressed by ‘nurture’.

So, why Versus? Why not And?

In the Indian philosophical system ‘nature’ is called swadharma. Let me not reinvent the wheel and use Raghu Apte’s commentary on the Bhagwat Geeta.

“The concept of ‘Swadharma’ mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita has two elements. ‘Swa’ represents attitude, aptitude, natural inclination and inborn qualities in an individual. An individual portrays a unique, incomparable and a bit rigid disposition almost throughout the life span. Individuality (‘Swa’) as such is an intricate blend of nature and nurture. In this context, nature means innate qualities and preordained fate. Nurture (external impacts like environmental, social, political and so on) keeps shaping an individual throughout the life span. An individual responds to the external factors in a specific way according to the individual nature (‘Dharma’).

‘Dharma’ also refers to a framework which sustains the world. Establishment of dharma means provision of a social framework which facilitates a meaningful interaction between an individual and the external reality. It provides an opportunity to each member of the society to utilise the natural talents and to act according to the natural inclination. Establishment of Dharma ensures that an individual gets truly satisfied by living a meaningful and creative life. The society too gets benefited from his talents. Swadharma – Dharma is a bridge which connects an individual’s well being with the social well being. The philosophy suggests that life is neither accidental nor meaningless. Each individual takes birth at a specific moment, in a specific situation, with a preordained life mission.

“I would distinguish what is commonly called choice among men, and which is a partial act, the choice of the hands, of the eyes, of the appetites, and not a whole act of the man. But that which I call right or goodness, is the choice of my constitution.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

In modern times, what we see as conflict within individual personalities is due to the going against this Nature and Nurture combination due to a different kind of conditioning, primarily rooted in aspiring to be something different from what one is due to Swadharma. The Vs instead of the And.

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Another Eventful Day.

Eventful because of a great lunch in the company of Ramesh and Ranjan with the owner of the restaurant Naresh, personally seeing to it that we were kept well fed and entertained! Simple but tasty and filling.

Mutton Biriyani with onion raitha.

And Chili Fried Paneer.
paneer chili

A brief nap at home after that indulgence and a matinee show to see Vishwaroopam.

I wanted to see this film particularly because of the controversy raised before its release in Tamil Nadu. I personally did not find anything controvesial in it that could have hurt Muslim sentiment and am willing to give credence to the idea that it was politically motiviated. If anything, the film portrays the motive of the jihadists in good light and I do not see what could be objectionable about it,


My niece in law Ranjani has made me an offer that I could not refuse to accept.

She has agreed to use the walls of her lovely home/s in Chennai to hang some of the wooden carvings that have adorned our home for the past many decades and which now need to find new homes in the process of my simplifying my life.

Many decorative frame wooden pieces have already been given away by my son Ranjan to another enthusiastic antique collector and only these five pieces were left to be given away.


The large frame in the background is a panel depicting Dashavatara, the two rather tall lean carvings are tribal art form from the jungles of Central India, the carving of a bird image is of Hamsa and the last piece to the front right corner is one of Ganesha.

These five pieces will leave our home later this evening to be packed and despatched by road transport to Chennai.

I hope to see them livening up Ranjani’s home when I visit later this month.

Food Pilgrimage Again.

My friends Neena and Anil were down here with me at Pune the last week end and had a successful visit as far as the main purpose of their visit, which was some property buying and selling was concerned. More to their liking was their foray into Pune’s offerings on food.

Since Neena is Lactose intolerant and allergic, it was quite a job coming up with good food to satisfy her gargantuan appetite, which Meeta of Flour Works managed with aplomb. Since that was not sufficient, Neena needed to satisfy her craving for Sev Puri. Once we were in a food court at a local mall which offered this, Anil and I decided to join in too and we had Pani Puri and Basket Chaat to go with the Sev Puri.

sevpuri 2

You can see Neena helping herself to her share of the Sev Puri after having polished off half the puris for the pani puri, while Anil is reacing out to steal from the basket chaat while his share of the sev puri awaits. Alas the basket chaat was not for Neena as it contains yogurt.

Okay, that was on Saturday. On Sunday, Neena flew off in the morning and Anil stayed back to put finishing touches to his visit before lunch time. For breakfast Anil decided to have eggs and pav as the latter is not available in Delhi. So, I fried two eggs for him;
And look at the pav.

I decided to give a surprise to Anil for lunch and requested Mangal to prepare traditional Maharashtrian fare and she came up trumps with Pitla Bhakri.

Anil also expressed the desire to have some Brun Bread which with some difficulty I sourced for him.

Unfortunately he had over eaten the Pitla Bhakri and could not eat them. I packed them up nicely and insisted that he takes them with him to Delhi where they too are not available. I had the leftovers today! The refrigerator is empty and tomorrow is another day.