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My Reader Does Not Want Me To Be A Cowboy.

Mother from A Letter To My Children does not like the idea of children growing up to be cowboys and has sent me these two songs as her comments on my post Cowboy Unchained. Thank you Mother.

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Broken Relationships.

“It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson Human relationships can be romantic, platonic, filial, fraternal, sororal, corporate and so on so forth and all of them are capable … Continue reading

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Lion Lady – 2.

I had not expected to write any more about lion ladies after I wrote this nine days ago. I however could not resist the temptation to write again because of this photograph. The young lady riding the lion is Zaina … Continue reading

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A Date With Ranjan.

It was not to be and yet to be something totally different. On Monday, a friend of mine had booked tickets for the 5.30 pm show for Olympus Has Fallen. We reached the theater on time and after parking that … Continue reading

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Mumbai Fables.

Having finished reading the book Mumbai Fables which briefly appeared on my earlier post Doppelganger I want to share some information about the cover of the book that I found at the end of the book. I quote the author … Continue reading

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Cow Boy Unchained.

I went to see Django Unchained yesterday with my friends Neena and Anil and we had a great afternoon of movie, pop corn, soft drinks, shopping, tea and some serious problem solving for Anil with his iPad and mobile telephone. … Continue reading

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I have recently been at the receiving end of some confessions from some of my relatives about their childhoods and how those factors affected their attitudes to their lives in their adulthood. These relatives, now older than I am and … Continue reading

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The Jaguar Lady.

My cup runneth over. If it is not the lion lady, it is the jaguar lady. This is a charming young lady Justine Sophia-Rabia. Providence sent Justine, a professional ballet dancer trained by Gelsey Kirkland of New York City, to … Continue reading

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My LBC friend Delirious wrote this to the LBC bloggers when she could not access my blog. “Does anyone know what has happened to Ramana?  I can’t get to his blog, and the email I sent came back as undeliverable. … Continue reading

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The Lion Lady Strikes Again.

I visited my cousin Devi and her two delightful children Meena and Sundar last Saturday at Thane. Since Devi has been indisposed for some time, the youngsters had prepared a typical South Indian lunch for me which was out of … Continue reading

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