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I have recently been at the receiving end of some confessions from some of my relatives about their childhoods and how those factors affected their attitudes to their lives in their adulthood. These relatives, now older than I am and … Continue reading

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The Jaguar Lady.

My cup runneth over. If it is not the lion lady, it is the jaguar lady. This is a charming young lady Justine Sophia-Rabia. Providence sent Justine, a professional ballet dancer trained by Gelsey Kirkland of New York City, to … Continue reading

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My LBC friend Delirious wrote this to the LBC bloggers when she could not access my blog. “Does anyone know what has happened to Ramana?  I can’t get to his blog, and the email I sent came back as undeliverable. … Continue reading

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The Lion Lady Strikes Again.

I visited my cousin Devi and her two delightful children Meena and Sundar last Saturday at Thane. Since Devi has been indisposed for some time, the youngsters had prepared a typical South Indian lunch for me which was out of … Continue reading

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Music That Changed My Life.

It is difficult to believe that this one song changed my life. Believe me, it did. I have given a version where there is Satchmo’s trumpet takes the center stage, but the lyrics for the song is what changed my … Continue reading

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Without Comment.

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