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The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

I had read the book as soon it was available in India way back some years ago. I liked the book and ever since the movie version was released in Pune last week, had been wanting to see the movie. … Continue reading

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La Dolce Vita.

“This is the look you get from your friends, when you tell them you have given up alcohol!!” Just two days ago my friend Nandu had the above picture and comment on his Facebook page. Nandu and I had a … Continue reading

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Men May Not Understand Women After All!

Finally scientific proof and a perfectly logical explanation for that long standing belief that men do not understand women. An article in the Pacific Standard says that the researchers conclude that “From an evolutionary point of view, accurate interpretations of … Continue reading

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Lasagna For Lunch.

The Jaguar Lady and Jay Ponti graced us with their presence last night and disappeared this morning. They are on their way back to the USA and we will miss them. Jay decided that Ranjan and I should be exposed … Continue reading

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Sauce For The Gander Is Sauce For The Goose!

I learnt a new word this morning. And how! Degendering. de·gen·der (d-jndr) tr.v. de·gen·dered, de·gen·der·ing, de·gen·ders To make gender-neutral, as by eliminating reference to gender or sex. Only yesterday, a lady blogger friend and I had a discussion online which … Continue reading

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I hope that you enjoy reading this post on the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where eleven of us write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by Conrad The Old Fossil. The ten other bloggers who write … Continue reading

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Bombay Beach.

When I came across the name Bombay Beach, USA I was intrigued. I carried out some research and am not only intrigued, I am stunned that something like this can exist! Neither the clip nor the Wikipedia link give you … Continue reading

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Please click on the image to enlarge it. It is worth the trouble.

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A Matter Of Perspective II

Time for another sequel. I did not quite open a Pandora’s Box. At least not in the way I thought I would. Two responses were humbling. I leave my readers to go to the comments and see the one that … Continue reading

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A Matter Of Perspective.

(Overheard at Cafe Coffee Day – PLEASE READ TILL THE END) Cafe Coffee Day is the Indian equivalent of Starbucks. THE FAILED STATE ! Boy : It is a failed state I tell you ! They just had an election … Continue reading

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