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Shackman, has decided to call himself and me Mastodons. If you see full length photographs of us you will know why. I am rather pleased with this description. Grannymar, don’t you think that this is better than calling me an … Continue reading

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The Cellphone Has Its Uses.

In a comment on my blog No Mobile Day, Grannymar gave me a link to read a very interesting post about being disconnected. I urge my readers to read that article. Coincidentally, I happened to read another story which added … Continue reading

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I was asked to report at 9.45 am today for an interview at 10.00 am at our local Passport Office to get my old passport renewed. I was dropped off at the entracne to the office at exactly 9.45 am … Continue reading

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Story 19. The Elopers.

Aasim and Pallavi were schoolmates and lived in the same, affluent part of the town. They used to play together as little kids along with the other children.. Like most of the middle class residents of that locality, their parents … Continue reading

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March 7, 2014; No Mobile Day.

Nick has suggested on FB, that we have an annual No Mobile Day. In his words, “On March 7 1876 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the telephone” Let us honour that man by observing his grand day … Continue reading

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I hope that you enjoy reading this post on the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where eight of us write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by Maria the gaelikaa. The seven other bloggers who write regularly … Continue reading

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