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My Epitaph.

RIP RUMMUSER HE LAUGHED TO HIS DEATH WHILE SOLVING CROSSWORD PUZZLES. In my case, there is unlikely to be an epitaph but very likely that this would be my obituary announcement in our newspapers. I hope that you enjoyed reading … Continue reading

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The Jaguar.

Warms my cockles it does. And why does it do so? I am an anglophile with a streak of jingoism in me. Are you still mystified? Find your answer here.

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Going To Seed.

“A fellow of mediocre talent will remain a mediocrity, whether he travels or not; but one of superior talent (which without impiety I cannot deny that I possess) will go to seed if he always remains in the same place.” … Continue reading

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Fashion And Comfort.

Maxi has this fascinating post on English language for the LBC Friday routine. I however have a sneaking feeling that even she will find this appalling.  Right at the end of the article, you can see how much women will … Continue reading

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The Cozy Minimalist, who would prefer that I do not use upper case letters at all in her name, has a post up on her blog talking about various smells that bring back memories for her. I commented there as. … Continue reading

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Speaking A Second Language.

I hope that you enjoy reading this post on the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where six of us write on the same topic. Today’s topic was chosen by The Old Fossil. The five other bloggers who write regularly are, … Continue reading

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