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Popular Tailors.

This story led me to muse about some other stories connected to tailors. The earliest one that I remember was being taken to a shop that sold ready made school uniforms run by an old Madras entrepreneur. He made the … Continue reading

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Comment Moderation.

Suddenly, some of my readers’ comments are going automatically into a moderation queue without me having done anything to the comment facility in my blog. My resident geek is trying to figure out why this is happening as I am … Continue reading

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Son And Grandson.

“The eighteenth-century Venetian Giacomo Casanova is legendary even today for endless sexual adventures, including an affair with his own seventeen-year-old illegitimate daughter, which resulted in her giving birth to a boy who was both his son and his grandson.” This … Continue reading

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Two States.

The uber efficient Geeta kept badgering her fellow alumni to join her and Koushik to see Two States, an Indian movie based on a campus romance between a Punjabi lad and a Tamilian lass which took place in the Institute … Continue reading

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A Cuckoo In The Nest.

Apparently this idiom is used in two senses. The first one being a suddenly developed problem which keeps growing in magnitude and the other being a member of a group not quite popular with the group but who is not … Continue reading

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Modern Art.

Some of what can pass for art today is simply unbelievable. The more bizarre, the greater the publicity and attention. I do not want to add anything more to what this writer in the Guardian says. Had I written the … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Nothing.

When I wrote All Hope Abandon Ye Who……., I either missed it or it was not mentioned in the article that led me to write that article that the survey covered only hipsters! Now let me quote from another interesting … Continue reading

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Steve Balmer, Thelma And Louise.

Life comes up with unexpected treats of various kinds, and it happened to me again. A friend of mine sent me a link to this fascinating speech by Steve Balmer at the Oxford Union Debating Society after he retired from … Continue reading

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Rummuser With Peruke.

Grannymar made an excellent suggestion in her comments on my blog post All Hope Abadon Ye Who….. : “If you are worried about your image, why not bring back the peruke?” So, I took the help of some graphics editing … Continue reading

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My devious mind thought up all kinds of ideas to write about this topic but finally and considering the sensibilities of my readers, I decided to play it safe and seek the pardon of Will Knot who came up with … Continue reading

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