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Popular Tailors.

This story led me to muse about some other stories connected to tailors. The earliest one that I remember was being taken to a shop that sold ready made school uniforms run by an old Madras entrepreneur. He made the … Continue reading

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Comment Moderation.

Suddenly, some of my readers’ comments are going automatically into a moderation queue without me having done anything to the comment facility in my blog. My resident geek is trying to figure out why this is happening as I am … Continue reading

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Son And Grandson.

“The eighteenth-century Venetian Giacomo Casanova is legendary even today for endless sexual adventures, including an affair with his own seventeen-year-old illegitimate daughter, which resulted in her giving birth to a boy who was both his son and his grandson.” This … Continue reading

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Two States.

The uber efficient Geeta kept badgering her fellow alumni to join her and Koushik to see Two States, an Indian movie based on a campus romance between a Punjabi lad and a Tamilian lass which took place in the Institute … Continue reading

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A Cuckoo In The Nest.

Apparently this idiom is used in two senses. The first one being a suddenly developed problem which keeps growing in magnitude and the other being a member of a group not quite popular with the group but who is not … Continue reading

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Modern Art.

Some of what can pass for art today is simply unbelievable. The more bizarre, the greater the publicity and attention. I do not want to add anything more to what this writer in the Guardian says. Had I written the … Continue reading

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