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The Missing Husband II.

Despite my current status of persona non grata with my friend Nirmala, the mischievous in me just cannot resist the temptation to share with her, Arun and all my readers this gem.

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All Hope Abandon Ye Who…………

…… Who Keep Beards. If you did not know, that is me.  Hardly any hair on top to crow about but a neatly trimmed beard. Despite the absence of hair on the top I was hoping till about half an … Continue reading

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The Missing Husband.

My friends Arun and Nirmala live in a farm house outside the city with three dogs for company and only day time help. Since it is summer and the temperature is quite high and dry, they use a huge desert … Continue reading

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Grumpy Old Men.

Shackman in his comments on my post Greetings And Farewells, had these two nice things to say about me. “Wow – I never realized what a crotchety old geezer you are. :-)” and, “Upon reflection I find you are not … Continue reading

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Code Name God.

Yes, it is the title of a book and not something that I wanted to expound on. My cousin Damodaran was browsing books in a local lending library when he came across this book, was intrigued by the blurbs “This … Continue reading

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Dakshina Dvaraka. What An Evening!

“Information isn’t what’s scarce; it’s the willingness to do something with it.” ~ Tyler Cowen It was a heady mixture of culture, history, music, dance, sculpture, religion, and mythology. It was a presentation that was originally scheduled to last two … Continue reading

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The first and only time that I had ever come across the word hysterical in connection with a person was and still is for my late mother by my late father. He called her that as an excuse for his … Continue reading

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Flipkart Has Flipped.

The following exchange of mail should at least amuse if not annoy you. The story starts in August of last year when I placed an order for a DVD on Flipkart. I have been sending mails to them every month … Continue reading

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Joseph Campbell’s “Pathways To Bliss”.

What do the title of this post and the image above have to do with each other?  Please wait till you reach the last paragraph.  But to reach there, please do go through this brilliant story told by Joseph Campbell. … Continue reading

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Chandru Wadhwani. RIP. II

In her comment on my post Chandru Wadhwani. RIP, Cheerful Monk said: “Is he the one walking with you in the picture you showed a while back? If so, please share it again. I thought it was sweet.” I did … Continue reading

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