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Amazing Amazon.

After my writing Flipkart Has Flipped I started dealing exclusively with Amazon India except for anything I wanted to be bought and delivered in the USA in which case I used Among the many transactions with Amazon India, only … Continue reading

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Let It Be.

“Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.” Brene Brown in The Gifts Of Imperfection. All the religions of … Continue reading

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A Tribute To Manna Dey.

My friend Anil and I share a passion for Indian music and two great singers particularly. They are Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Manna Dey. Whenever some particular piece by either takes his fancy, Anil will promptly send me a link … Continue reading

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Pre-Monsoon Showers.

Glorious rain, thunder and lightning.  Great relief from the oppressive heat and humidity of the last two days. Now for a nice nap!

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My Odd Habit.

Some of my readers who have not met me but have spoken to me on Skype would have seen this avatar of me on the screen and perhaps would have also asked me about the talcum powder kind of application on … Continue reading

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Fading Gigolo.

For once, I saw a movie that lived up to its reviews and the performances of all the actors too came up to my expectations.  A picture worth seeing for its novel story line. A very creative story well directed … Continue reading

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Once upon a time a man owned a beautiful garden full of awesome flowers and fruit trees. Melodious and colorful birds tweeted, bees droned and butterflies fluttered about in that garden. It was a lively place, like a piece of … Continue reading

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Chak De India.

When this block buster film was released in India I was not in a position to see it due to other pressing commitments. From all that I had heard about it and the impact it had on the Indian Hockey … Continue reading

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Visit To Khandala.

What Abbas missed most was the presence of Urmeela when Ranjan, Husena, Abbas and I accompanied by Nitin went to spend a few hours at Abbas’s week end retreat and farm at Khandala yesterday. Whenever the topic of week end … Continue reading

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