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Iraq. Much Ado About Nothing II.

Post by Muddy Waters.

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Saving For Retirement.

I had published this image shared with me by Nandu in my post I am not my story. Nandu in his comments on the post said “I have emailed a pic to you ( since I can’t post here ) … Continue reading

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City Lights.

City Lights is a recently released Hindi film that has received rare positive reviews and I was able to see it last Thursday and am very glad that I did as it has been taken off the theaters. I am not … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Nothing.

A quarter of a century ago, I was based in Bangalore and my employer had arranged for a training program to which many managers from other cities had come. Almost all of them were staying in one particularly famous public … Continue reading

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I Am Not My Story.

My dear sister Padmini tagged me with that image on her facebook page. You can click on it to enlarge it so that you can read all the content. In yet another case of synchronicity, I had been to a … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone.

There is an important family occasion happening in Chennai by the end of July and a number of my relatives from all over are gathering there. My initial idea when I received the summons was to combine the visit with … Continue reading

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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak . Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ~ Winston Churchill.  I was already sitting down so did not have to sit down, but I listened. … Continue reading

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National Values.

This article in the Guardian talks about getting schools funded by the state to follow British values.  This initiative follows what in Britain is now called Operation Trojan Horse where Islamists tried to hijack school managements to bring about their own … Continue reading

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Unwritten Social Agreements.

It is strange that this topic crops up now almost just after I had written my post on Reaction To Death where I was exposed to two differing reactions to my following one of our unwritten social agreements, conveying condolence … Continue reading

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Reaction To Death II.

My friend and thought provoker K responded to my post Reaction To Death through an email thus: “Your post on Reaction To Death esp the second one though very true can get you into trouble ! I suggest a test … Continue reading

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