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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak . Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ~ Winston Churchill.  I was already sitting down so did not have to sit down, but I listened. … Continue reading

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National Values.

This article in the Guardian talks about getting schools funded by the state to follow British values.  This initiative follows what in Britain is now called Operation Trojan Horse where Islamists tried to hijack school managements to bring about their own … Continue reading

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Unwritten Social Agreements.

It is strange that this topic crops up now almost just after I had written my post on Reaction To Death where I was exposed to two differing reactions to my following one of our unwritten social agreements, conveying condolence … Continue reading

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Reaction To Death II.

My friend and thought provoker K responded to my post Reaction To Death through an email thus: “Your post on Reaction To Death esp the second one though very true can get you into trouble ! I suggest a test … Continue reading

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Mysore Bonda And Hero Honda.

My cousin Damodaran has been searching high and low in New Bombay as well as the old Bombay for a dish that he was very fond of when he was in school / college which was readily available in restaurants … Continue reading

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Reaction To Death.

At my age death is a frequent occurrence and in the last few days I had to make two condolence phone calls.  Both were calls to the South  and to old friends one of who is also a distant relative … Continue reading

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