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Back Home.

I returned to Pune yesterday to be greeted with delightful monsoon weather and rain with very comfortable cool air. Coming as I did from Chennai where it was hot, humid and muggy, it was a relief. I was greeted with … Continue reading

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Corporal Punishment.

Corporal punishment in schools has been banned in India since 2010. Despite the ban such punishment keeps taking place with tragic consequences which get reported in our press and there just does not seem to be any end to it. … Continue reading

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The Lunch Date.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. No, I am not a Roman Catholic.  Nor is my friend.   This is just me showing off to Grannymar that I have not forgotten my catechism lessons. After my post I Am Devastated, … Continue reading

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Children And The Ocean.

I love children. You will love them more than you already do when you read what was sent to me by an inveterate forwarder of mails. A class of youngsters were asked to write about the ocean. By the time … Continue reading

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The Leopard And The Tortoise.

The leopard had been looking for the tortoise and hadn’t found him for a long time. On this day, on a lonely road, he suddenly chanced upon Tortoise, and so he said, “Aha! At last, I’ve caught you. Now get … Continue reading

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Mother Of All Wars.

Here is something very interesting that happened on Nick‘s Facebook wall. I think that it is worth sharing with all my readers. Please click on the image to get a larger font.

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