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Two Night Stand.

The trailer was intriguing when I saw it last week when I had gone to see Finding Fanny. So, when for this week Ramesh suggested that we go again to a combination of one English and one Hindi film, I … Continue reading

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When Ranjan was driving me back home from an outing last week, we passed a permanent market where I used to shop for fresh meat, fowl vegetables etc in the good old days before all these were available closer to … Continue reading

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Mike had this to say on his Facebook wall: “Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.” I responded: And to prove that, try this for size – “In a world of fugitives, the person … Continue reading

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Dead End Street.

This topic has been suggested by Maxi for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where currently six of us write on the same topic every Friday.  I hope that you enjoy my contribution to that effort.  The five other bloggers … Continue reading

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Last week I observed my friend Ramesh wearing a very nice T-shirt and asked him where he had bought it from. He answered that he had bought a few of them at an airport shop and that the same brand … Continue reading

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Finding Fanny.

As I had indicated in my post on A Walk Among The Tombstones, Ramesh and I went to see another film earlier this evening. A joint Hollywood and Bollywood production with an all Indian cast directed by a very young … Continue reading

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Commenting on my post A spark of inspiration, Cheerful Monk had this to say: “I like it better deflated.” I agreed with her observation, but it got me to wonder! I wonder if she had something like this in mind! … Continue reading

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A Walk Among The Tombstones.

It is strange that there was never a trailer in any of the recent films that I saw in theaters about the release of this film.  So, when I saw the advertisements for it in the newspapers the only thing … Continue reading

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The Best Career Advice Ever.

A Guy Asked Mike Rowe For Career Advice. The Response He Got Is Something Everyone can learn from. Mike Rowe is best known as host of The Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’. The TV personality is hugely popular and gets a ton of … Continue reading

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A spark of inspiration!

An exchange on Facbook. CJS:  Well, it’s OK but what happened to that Hercules body you added to your Profile Picture? CJS was referring to this avatar: Me:  CJS, that was like the Michelin Man full of gas. It just deflated. … Continue reading

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